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North Eastern young people gather for rally.

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‘Walk by Faith & not by sight’

was the theme for the youth rally which was attended by 500 young people in the North Eastern Division.  The main focus for the three day rally was to remind the youth to be proud of themselves because God created them special and unique in this world.  Sport and Culture were used as a feature to bring harmony.

The rally commenced on Friday, the speaker being Major David Temine (Divisional Commander, North Eastern Division).  On Saturday Captain Hershey Uriah spoke from the book of 2Corinthians 6:6, 7 about faith being cultivated through time spent in His word.

Captain Gaina Vali (Divisional Commander North Western  Division) shared on Sunday from the scriptures of 1 Samuel 17:35 about God’s spirit ascending on David when he was anointed by Samuel. Capt Gaina said “David was not afraid of Goliath because he knew that God was with him as he defeated the Philistines giant Goliath.”  He went on to say “ We as Christians also have a weapon to defeat satan and that is Jesus. God will use us to do great things and by faith we will achieve anything”

Lieutenant Saki A’o (Divisional Youth Secretary North Eastern Division)  said  “the cultural night  displaying traditional songs and dances,  portrayed to all that no matter the different cultures and traditions we are all one in Christ.”