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Salvation Army and community leaders, Police and other Government organisations wittness exchange.

On May 10th 2015 these young men and others exchanged their weapons for bibles which were witnessed by The Salvation Army Officers, community leaders, Police and other government organizations.   

On Saturday afternoon May 23rd 2015, 46 young gang members from Buvusi came to The Salvation Army Kimbe Church to have the officers pray for them.

After the afternoon session the officers welcomed the young men and shared devotion with them. The chair person on behalf of all the others shared to the officers about their decision to lay down their weapons and follow Christ.   

The next day Holiness Meeting we all celebrated for the choice these young men had made to follow Christ in The Salvation Army Buvusi Church.  The Officers and Local Leaders all stood together and dedicated them to the Lord asking him to keep them away from this unlawful activities and to lead them to an excellent path of life.  

This all happened after a visit in  2014 by Major Iveme Yanderave to conduct an Easter camp. During the camp 20 young men from the area who had been doing petty crimes and training to be criminals visited her.  The young men came during the night because they didn’t want people to see them. Their leader approached her and said they wanted to receive Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. She gathered them with the help of the officers and prior to counseling each of them, offered a prayer for them.


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