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Anya Day celebrated in Goroka

Anya day celebrated in Goroka

Fifteen women were invited to attend for this special occasion. However, the mothers of the children that attend The Salvation Army Goroka Elementary School  who usually sit beside the church building and wait to fetch their children after school and female teachers were also interested to enter the church and be a part of the occasion; they represented various churches i.e. SDA, Catholic, Uniting Church etc.

The final number that we had was 22 for Anja Day.

We started our program by having morning tea and chat with friends; getting to know each other was fun and it was amazing to see women speak in  freedom, there was no sense of boundaries.

We had pampering sessions for facial, massaging and for nail polishing and trying out the makeup products. We had loads of fun together and then we went into our studies under the leadership of three female officers.  The ladies shared freely with conviction in each of the three study groups which was worth it.

We relaxed and watched an inspirational topic that was presented through a DVD titled `Sacred Rhythms’. Followed by a game and then of course lunch was shared together, then followed by more pampering and later the gift bags were given to each invited ladies. 

The Divisional Director for Women’s Ministries Captain Jenny Vali encouraged the ladies that they are favored or treasured by God no matter what and that’s the way they must see themselves always. 

The ladies joined hearts and agreed in one accord, then Major Doreen Temine closed the day with a prayer.