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Winsome's story

WinsomeTo me education is everything; we live a life of learning. Yes, we need go to school by being educated but that’s part of education. Without realising it, we started learning and educating ourselves when we were infants, and we learn more by listening and observing. My parents are officers in the Salvation Army for 31 years; they are my first teachers to life and its experience. I have 4 siblings (2 sisters and 2 brothers) and I am the third born. Life as an officer kid wasn’t easy, as we moved around a lot to different places and we had start all over again, but it was a journey of adventure.

I am eager to learn new things, and I push my mind to understand things, beyond my own understanding. Someone once told me that, “the key to successful learning is to learn how to learn”. I thank God for wisdom and knowledge. I believe that I am knowledgeable and I have wisdom, when I seek God for his wisdom and knowledge. I have learnt this through listening to his word, and observing him transform lives including mine.

Four years in Divine Word University, I have learnt about the United Nations (UN), and how I dreamt one day I will see that place.

God is awesome; he made my dream come true. As an intern representing The Salvation Army, I had the privilege to observe and participate at the United Nations events for a year in 2013. Interacting with people all around the world, I have learnt a lot about each country, its people, and the social issues they faced were no different. I made friends from Puerto Rio, Jamaica, Kenya, Nairobi, Native America, China; the world was at the UN. Everyone was fighting the same fight with words and petition, for peace to save the Human Race.

I thank God for every story I listened to, which has helped me to bring back a lesson to educate my people.

The world is big, but there is no difference in the issues we face. Learning about social issues, and finding solutions to minimize the impact on victims is something I want to impart to my Junior Soldiers, and this is through doing what is right and learning to love unconditionally like Jesus.

By Winsome Nenewa

Soldier Koki Corps


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My name is Peter Evera and I am one of the adult literacy trainers at The Salvation Army Hohola Church. It has been close to 2 months now since we first rolled out the adult literacy program here...

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