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Mission Trips

Mission Trips

Mission Teams

Coming to Papua New Guinea is life-changing, you’ll never be the same.  Your visit will create many memories for yourself as well as impact others.  Please contact The Salvation Army Headquarters +675 325 5542 if you are interested in bringing a Mission Team to Papua New Guinea.

The Salvation Army God’s Sports Arena church in Brisbane travelled to Port Moresby in October last year.  Read this account of their visit.

What I loved about the God's Sports Arena Mission Team were they were willing to use their different abilities and God-given talents to serve others.   It was a lot like the loaves and fishes story.   Each member doing what they could and God performing miracles.

Kathy is very good at craft so she held craft sessions with  women and girls during the afternoon.  They made bracelets from recycled paper.   This was also taught to other leaders of Junior Miss Groups. (Junior Miss is held once a week for girls 13 to 21 years.  They come together to  learn skills,enjoy  friendship and Bible explore the Bible.)

Bill has a First Aid business - so he used his skill to teach First Aid.  The attendees at the First Aid classes were Salvation Army staff at our Pre-schools, Primary school and Secondary School.   THQ, Officer Training College and DHQ staff joined with them for the training.   It has been many years since they had received First Aid Training.

It was also exciting that the members of Kaugere joined with the mission team each day helping with the plumbing, painting, internal repairs, and re-roofing the church building.  This led to encouraging relationships formed.   The visit of the Mission team was not only a positive influence on the corps but also on the local community and attendances have increased since the trip.   I see a sense of unity and purpose within the corps. 

The whole week culminated in a cultural night with items from all the corps within the  Port Moresby area.