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Churches/ Fellowships

For leadership and administrative purposes, the Salvation Army has created six ‘Divisions’ and one ‘Region’ answering to Territorial Headquarters in Port Moresby. Each ‘Division’ is headed by a Salvation Army Officer (much like a Bishop in other churches) who answer to the Territorial Commander. These are…..

North Western Division

This comprises the Eastern Highlands, Enga, Chimbu and Western Highlands Provinces. Salvation Army work developed in Goroka from Kainantu after the late 1950’s. The Divisional Headquarters is based in Goroka town. Many of the Churches and Fellowships are in remote villages in the Highlands requiring up to 2 days walk each way from the nearest road.

There are a total of 15 Churches and 24 Fellowships in NWD alone.

North Coastal Division

This Division covers five Provinces; West and East New Britain, Oro, Morobe and Madang. The Divisional Headquarters is based in Lae, Morobe Province. There is a Church at Kimbe, West New Britain with Fellowships and an energetic Elementary school at the village of Tamba. A well run Computer school is also based at Kimbe.

There are 3 Churches and 5 Fellowhips in NCD alone.

North Eastern Division

This Division is located in the Eastern Highlands Province - usually referred to as the ‘gateway’ to the Highlands Region of PNG. The Divisional Headquarters is located in Kainantu, the main town where the Salvation Army began its work in the Highlands in 1958 with medical services to the villages of the region. Today, the Army’s work has spread throughout the province in a vast number of rural villages, many of them remote and difficult to access by regular vehicle.

There are 15 Churches and 19 Fellowships in NED alone.

 South Eastern Division

This Division covers the Central Province along the Magi Highway towards the east incorporating much of the Rigo district. The Headquarters is based in Kwikila, some 80km by good road south east of Port Moresby. There are many Churches and Fellowships in the rural villages, some only accessible by canoe along the river system.

There are a total of 14 Chuches and 5 Fellowships in SED alone.

South Central Division

The South Central Division is located in the nation’s capital with headquarters in Koki, a suburb of Port Moresby. The district also goes north into the Owen Stanleys with the Church at Sogeri, the gateway to the Kokoda Track.

South Central Division has 7 Churches and 5 Fellowhips.

Sepik Division

With the expansion of the Army’s work into the Sepik region, a divisional office has been established as a base for the growing numbers of churches and fellowships in the greater Sepik region. This is the furthest north for The Salvation Army along the long distant northern coastline of Papua New Guinea, with Aitape the furthest official Fellowship, but which has already spawned a new soon to be Fellowship at Wauningi, some 20km further north again of Aitape, where the Salvation Army came with welfare assistance due to the tragic ‘Tsunami’ some ten years, and decided to stay!  

Now the Sepik Division has 4 Churches and 11 Felloships alone.

Gulf District

The district includes the GulfProvince.   The Regional Headquarters is located in Kerema and serves the numerous village Churches and Fellowship that are only accessible up the rivers by canoe.

Gulf District now has a total of 4 Churches and 7 Fellowships..